CSI    Citizens for Southernmost Illinois
Save our businesses, our family farms and our unique environment.

The Citizens for Southernmost Illinois have serious concerns with the purpose, planning and development of I-66. The negative impacts simply outweigh any questionable benefits for the people who live and recreate here. We can’t afford to gamble away our remaining economic and natural resources. CSI is dedicated to promoting and protecting our rural lifestyle and the rich natural environment that is part of our home and livelihood.

Potential Impacts from the Proposed Interstate 66

  • Government Waste: $4.5 million dollars just to study a feasible route. $3.6 million per mile to construct an Interstate highway.
  • Loss of Agricultural Land:  Acquired through eminent domain, thousands of acres of quality farmland can be taken out of production and removed from the tax rolls. This will not only impact family farms and private land but could result in restricted drainage and increase flooding.
  • Drain to Local Economy:  An Interstate highway will detrimentally impact the local economy by taking potential customers and jobs away from the area.
  • Loss of Tourism: Interstate 66 will take tourism through the state instead promoting tourism to the state. Why stop in Southernmost Illinois when you can go on to the highly promoted Paducah, KY or Cape Girardeau, MO for cheap gas, shopping, gambling, or a nice dinner?
  • Incompatibility with Outdoor Recreation: The biologically rich and diverse environment of Southernmost Illinois has made it a destination with a reputation for high quality outdoor recreation experiences such as hunting, fishing, bird watching, canoeing, hiking, nature photography and much more. The environmental devastation resulting from yet another Interstate highway in this area will have dire consequences for the natural resource-based recreation and economy of the region.

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